Monday, November 7, 2011

Why I Read Lora Leigh

Oh Wild Card! This is Lora Leigh at her finest. This book started my relationship with the author. And I must admit that lately that relationship hasn't been very satisfying.  But I picked up Wild Card the other day and I remember what it was that I fell in love with.
This is Lora Leigh at her finest. Noah Blake/Nathan Malone is a the sexy Alpha with a heart for just one woman. He is the reason I read romance. The plot can be some what complicated as you follow "both" of his lives. But you are so in love with him, and you feel his pain and Bella's struggle.
This book brought me  tears. I love both Nathan and Bella. The book works because you are committed to both these people. You understand why he left and couldn't return, but you mourn with the woman who loved him. You hate him for coming back and stand up and cheer when she torments him with his pickup truck.

In Lora Leigh fashion, these two smoke up the sex scenes and there are times when you need a fan, and sometimes you just have to walk away and have a cigarette. Noah Blake is one of the only heroes who can rock a beard for me. Their chemistry is intense and will leave you begging for more. This is not a book it is a full out love affair.

There is a plot of danger that surrounds the situation and Nathan gets to be badass Ex-SEAL/EliteOps warrior. As this is the first book in her Elite Ops series you also get to meet her next line up of heroes.
Reading her Navy SEAL series before this book helps as that's where Noah Blake appears and you get the background on the capture that leads him to Elite Ops. You will also see Ian and Kiera from that series.

The romance, the love story, the feelings this book evokes overshadows the plot, but you are on such an emotional roller coaster you don't mind at all. What you focus on is where these two started and how they grew. There was growth and progress and both parties had to face who the were and who they had become. You reach the highs and lows with them and cheer on the impossible happily ever after.

This is the book I pick up when I'm in need an intense Alpha hero who knows the meaning of loving someone with your soul. Go Siorai!

Wild Card (Elite Ops, Book 1)
Author's Website


  1. Wow, what a great review! If the book is half as good as the review, It should be great!


  2. You should really check it out. Although my best friend says she couldn't get into it. But she's a weirdo that's why she's my friend. :)

  3. I picked up a Lora Leigh books a while back (part of her Seal books) and was turned off by the (almost) graphic sex within the first 20 pages. I don't normally like books where the characters had been in a relationship prior to the start of the book and that one was one of those kind so maybe that was it. It would explain the sexual acts so quickly for sure. I kept the book hoping that I will read it at another time and like it (since I never finished it) which does happen. I may pick up Wild Card though. I know that Leigh's writing is almost synonymous with Sizzling Hot Sex...I just have to be in that kind of mood I guess.

  4. Lora Leigh is hit or miss with me. I have several of her books, but this is the one I keep hoping she repeats. The sex doesn't start at the beginning, but the tension starts building up. This one though she really captures the emotions to go along with the hot sex.

    Thanks for following the blog. I hope you like my upcoming posts.

  5. I haven't read any books by Lora Leigh I don't think. I like books that build up to the 'hot & steamy' and have an actual plot to go along with it. Thanks for such an honest review. It really helps when deciding whether or not it's worth investing the time. ;)

  6. This sounds like a book my mom would love! --I like when authors have their characters mature in the process ..makes for an insightful read in addition to it being entertaining as well. Wonderful enthusiasm for the book. " ..who knows the meaning of loving someone with your soul." it!

  7. Sorry I am crazy late to the party! I LOVE that you did a review for the first book in the series. So many times I read reviews and discover the book is quite a way into a series. They I just get discouraged because there is so much I want to read. But series books are a lot more time to invest and with my reading schedule, time is not something I have an excess of. Many of us can relate, I am sure. But thanks a lot! You have given me hope. Not to mention, I have been wanting to read Lora Leigh, but haven't been able to yet. I will have to check this one out- and I will be sure to keep the smokes near by. *winks*

    Kendra @ Reader's Edyn