Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Sorry Nora Roberts, But It's Over.

For years, Nora Roberts was on my MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS auto-buy list. I think I have read everything she has written since the 1980's - not that I'm old enough to have been reading in the 80's. My bookshelf contains an unbelievable number of her books and my daughter thinks she is my favorite author. Two years ago, this would have been a true statement. Then, it happened; she disappointed me. Repeatedly.

It all started with her Blood Brothers Trilogy. I loved the books and the characters, but the end of each book was just disappointing. The stories wrapped up, not with my usual satisfaction, but with a "you mean that's it?"

Then, there was Black Hills. I couldn't wait for her to write a book about the area that I live in. These hills need to be a character because they are so beautiful and special. That book made me angry. She not only left me asking if she’d ever even studied anything about the Black Hills, but the story was not very good. I didn't connect with the hero or heroine like I had hoped.

In all honesty, I was willing to admit that maybe my dislike for the book was the way she totally misrepresented the Black Hills. Perhaps, since I currently live in the Black Hills area, I was not able to have the suspension of disbelief that we usually have when we read fiction. So, I read her Bridal Quartet books. They were a fun sweet read, but they really just didn't do it for me. That's when I had to admit that Nora just doesn't have what I want any longer.

I haven't read Chasing Fire, and I have no desire to read The Next Always. It just sounds like the Bridal Quartet with a new setting. It seems like she keeps telling the same story repeatedly with different names and places, but overall the same plot.

Then, I saw that The Next Always was on a bestseller list and I wondered why. Do readers continue to buy these books because they are hoping she will impress them again or do they actually like the comfort of the same author retelling the same story?

Personally, I like books that take me away and let me dive into a different reality, with characters and places that make me love them and wish for more. Nora Roberts hasn't taken me there in a long time. So, tell me: Are you still in love with Nora or have you broken up with her like I have?


  1. There are some issue posting comments today. I am not having trouble but I have had 2 people say they can't post comments. I am looking into it. Thanks for you patience.

  2. I've broken up with a lot of authors over the years. The saddest was when Iris Johnasen, Julie Garwood & Catherine Coulter who all wrote wonderful historical romances jumped genres to romantic suspense. I think that's why to this day I can't read that genre.

    Recently, I'm on the verge of breaking up with Sherrilyn Kenyon. Her last Dark Hunter book was a do not finish, and I didn't think that would be possible with her. I'm not sure I can go through with that break up though.

  3. I've just broken up with Janet Evanovich.....I can't help it, Stephanie Plum has started to become an irritating character and I actually no longer care if she picks Morelli or Ranger.

    It's depressing when you fall out of love with a series...


  4. trying to comment again. About Nora, I still read her books, but haven't been totally thrilled since the Chesapeake Bay trilogy + one. I did like Angels Fall.....and Tribute....and..hmmmm..never mind. Lately I've been hooked on vampires with Lara Adrian. ;)

  5. It is also over for me and Nora! I have to agree with Jay, it is the same story just different characters and a new setting. The excitement just isn't there for me!

  6. @buckeyegirl I too have broken up with Iris Johansen and Julie Garwood. I haven't read Sherilyn Kenyon but have heard great things about her.

    @Nix I have only read a couple Janet Evanovich books and none of the Stephanie Plum. Falling out of love with books is almost worse than falling out of love with a man.

    @okiewife I stayed away from vampire when I read the Twilight vamps sparkled, but the heard rave reviews about the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I'm in love with vamps now. I will check out Lara Adrian.

    @Lindsey She is a great book for people just starting out. That's why I recommended her to you. Since you started later the love affair didn't last so long.

  7. I've been disappointed with the last few Nora Roberts books I've read & she is no longer a must buy for me. I was terrified I would have to break up with Linda Howard (one if my all-time faves) but she redeemed herself with her last book. I am borderline breakup with Charlaine Harris right now. The most tempestuous breakup for me was with Laurell K. Hamilton & the Anita Blake series. IMO, she completely destroyed her own character & I refuse to read anything from her ever again.