Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

It has been years since I fell in love with a hero from a historical romance. But Charmin Mickey O'Connor stole my heart and melted my panties.  Elizabeth Hoyt knows how to romance you. The book reads like long slow foreplay building up to an orgasm that is "as violent as it is pleasurable."

 Mickey O'Connor earns his charming nickname. This man makes eating an artichoke sexy. I know that sounds impossible but when the Irish burr brushes over your skin as he describes in a low voice how you remove the outer layers to reveal the treasure inside, I had to have a cigarette. And this is at the beginning of the book when Silence doesn't even like him yet. I don't know how at that moment she didn't straddle him at the dinner table. She's a stronger woman than me.

Mickey breaks your heart with stories of his childhood growing up in St. Giles. I teared up several times for the beautiful young boy he was and the events that made him the pirate he became. As you get to know Mickey you understand and forgive him his many sins. I cheered and begged and cried for him to become the man Silence knew he could be.

The passion builds slow and hot, and in the moment for crisis when Mickey demands "is it enough for you?" I was screaming "YES YES OH HELL YES!" But it wasn't enough for Silence and the book continues and Mickey is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice: his life or hers. 

There are side characters that you fall in love with like Bert and Harry and Finola and Lad. Silence not only wins the affection of the notorious river pirate but that of his men. 

My only criticism is that I don't like who disposed of the Vicar of White Chapel. I just felt the person he had wronged the most in this world was denied the opportunity for their vengeance.

But in every other way this book tender, sweet, and sexy.

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